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Smart Monitoring to Prevent Microbial Corrosion in Water, Oil, and Gas Pipeline Systems
Microbiologically influenced corrosion is a major cause of corrosion damages, facility failures, and financial losses
When a metal surface is exposed to water, microorganisms in the water attach themselves to the inside or external surface of the pipe and gather to form a biofilm. Biofilms change the electrochemical conditions at the metal- solution interface, inducing
corrosion in many ways.
Biofilm can stimulate corrosion through the production of acid, the direct oxidation of iron in pipes, or the production of hydrogen sulfide which can break down protective coatings. Thus corrosive biofilms shorten the lifetime and lowers the reliability of the pipe or metal surface.
BioSpark offers a comprehensive corrosion testing service that directly detects and quantifies (without prior growth) corrosion‐causing microorganisms typically found in pipes, production wells, and other equipment used by the natural gas, petroleum, chemical, water, produced water and wastewater industries.

SRB Scan service by BioSpark

Biospark is the first company in Russia applying molecular
technologies to microbiologically influenced corrosion detection. Biospark laboratory is one of only a few laboratories in the world that offers DNA testing for corrosion-causing microbe populations.
Taking a proactive, systematic approach with microbiologically influenced corrosiontesting to target treatment strategies can be very cost-effective and efficient. Modern qPCR technology has been widely recognized in the industry as superior to traditional microbial growth methods of testing for detection and quantification of various microorganisms.

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